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Kenai is a handsome young man, who is already developing a successful modeling career, but his agent requested some great new professional headshots. He has previously appeared in print ads for Ralph Lauren and a commercial for Mattel, but kids his age grow and change quickly, so it’s important for them to have recent headshots when casting agents come knocking. I’m often asked by parents about tips for what their kids should wear for a youth headshot session, but Kenai’s a great example of someone who’s been doing this awhile, as he came prepared with bright and vibrant colored shirts and different changes of clothing.

I photographed Kenai at a park in the Playa Vista neighborhood of West Los Angeles. Having lived in the entertainment capital of Los Angeles for a long time, I’ve been doing headshots awhile, so have a good eye for what agents want. The ideal headshots grab and capture agents’ attention immediately. One of Kenai’s greatest features are his eyes, so we did lots of set-ups in a pale blue shirt, which really highlighted his striking baby blues, then threw on a green plaid shirt to showcase a more formal look. Kenai is a natural in front of the camera and I look forward to seeing what campaigns¬†he appears in next!

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